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This combo contains:

A 6oz Scrub Of Your choice and a potent Soap of your choice 🧼 👏 + Our 18oz Sugaring paste, 2 sets of LARGE REUSABLE strips and 5 applicators.

This kit can sugar both legs, arms, pubic area (and more) atleast 6 times 😊 thats around 6-8 months!

Less hair will grow each time you use this kit.

The gentle organic 18oz paste removes the hair right from the root and removes dead cells, the creamy, moisturizing scrub helps to prevent dead cells from building up over the 3-6 weeks while loosening and preventing ingrowns after sugaring 🤗

The turmeric soap tackles ingrowns, body bumps and acne while the papaya soap lightens and fades any dark spots and hyperpigmentation!

Also contains: NATURAL Jamaican sourced honey, 😊 to boost the amazing effects

Our soaps can be used twice daily for best results. We can't wait for your review 🥰

Remember to tag us in your Instagram photos @amareindulge

Mega Smooth Glow Kit - Full Hair Remover Kit

SKU: 366615376135191
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