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Business Opportunities 

Subscribe and Boost Your Business Efficiency

Finding a reliable, trustworthy sugar paste supplier for your waxing studio in Jamaica can be difficult and time consuming, especially since you have to go through the process of testing and reordering constantly. With our business subscription you can have peace of mind, and focus on the more profitable parts of your business - providing the sugaring service and maintaining the value of your service.

Through partnerships with our suppliers of raw material, we are able to give you a constant supply of products wholesale, and you can have them delivered right to your door! With our business subscription, You can set up a regular supply schedule with us, and we'll honour this schedule unless you request a change. You'll also get access to priority orders- meaning if stocks start to run low, your order will be secured if restock cant be performed before your scheduled delivery date.


At Amare Indulge, we are passionate about giving consumers a new hair removal experience, so if you decide to partner with us, you can send us photos and videos of your work and we will promote your business services to our audience to boost trust and expand your customer base.

Let's Connect!

Send us a whatsapp message at 876-874-0518 to learn more

Why Amare Indulge for Your Sugaring Business?

100% Natural Simple Ingredients

We keep it simple! No need to pack our sugaring pastes with additives, fragrances, salts nor preservatives. We keep our formula as natural and straightforward as possible to remain as the ideal hair removal product and brand for sensitive skin- Jamaican brown sugar, freshly extracted citrus juice from jamaican land and purified water. That's it!

Repetitive Manufacturing

We've grown from making small batches of products to making large batches on a regular schedule- our aim is to minimize the chance of being sold out, even as our market grows at a rapid rate- so that we can be your continuous reliable supply of sugaring paste as we've been doing for jamaican sugaring businesses for around 2 years. 


Once you sign up with us as a waxing/sugaring studio, you're a part of our team. We'll support you and promote your work to expose our audience to your services because we want you to win in business! Also if you need business tips, we'll be more than happy to share. Why? it's simple, our country benefits from local business growth so we definitely want to be a part of that. 

We Launch Business Subscriptions May 1, 2023

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