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 Bare and lovin' it!

100% Organic Sugaring Products that "Wax-Virgins" Love! 

Finally flaunt your silky-smooth skin with pride!

Be smoother for longer, without the annoying itch!

What Makes Us Different

Versatile Consistency

Our sugaring paste is at a "Sweet spot" versatile consistency which allows you to use with any sugaring method (strips, bare hands or applicator method) with or without heat to remove very thick or thin hairs- this gives you full control and allows you to find the best method for you!

100% Natural Ingredients

Our Sugaring Pastes only consist of Jamaican brown sugar, freshly squeezed citrus juice blend and water - No harsh chemicals or preservatives. If you have sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema, keloid prone skin or cyst prone skin this may be the best option for you.

Beginner Focused 

First time sugaring? You're in good hands- After working with thousands of customers who were completely new to sugaring, our instructions, products and customer care were tailored to beginner needs. We offer live guidance if needed, tips, video resources if requested and discounts for returning customers, perfect for when you are ready to commit to the journey! 

Welcome to the Brighter Side of Hair Removal

Our sugaring pastes are natural, hypoallergenic and gentle PLUS they remove hair by the roots to give you long lasting results- up to 8 weeks with consistency!


No need to search for waxing studios near you, you can self-sugar right at home with any of our beginner friendly sugaring kits-no heat required.

You'll notice brighter, softer, smoother skin immediately. Less hair regrows with each session and you are less likely to end up with ingrown hairs (a very common side effect of shaving). Now you can enjoy being Smoother For Longer.

We believe that you should embrace your beautiful bare skin ESPECIALLY after removing hair! 

A beauty/personal care decision should leave you feeling empowered and confident; not regretful and in more pain than before. It is our dream that you truly enjoy and show off your bare results after using our products.

Which Sugaring Product is Right for You?

mini sugar wax kit for bikini and armpits_edited.jpg

This is our customer favourite for sudden trips and events that require a quick brazilian, leg or armpit sugaring- and it does the job well!

Sweet and Smooth sugaring kit _edited.jpg

This sugaring kit is ideal for removing hair from legs, back, tummy and arms. It comes with one set of reusable fabric strips, applicators, sugar scrub to combat razor bumps and sugaring paste for diy hair removal, but our customers like to add extras such as soaps, strips and more! 

12oz sugaring wax kingston_edited.jpg

Struggling to make time for waxing appointments each month? This is for you! Stay on schedule with a jar of our 12oz sugaring paste!

Here is a little info to help you choose based on where you are on your sugaring journey

Mega glow Sugaring kit kingston_edited.jpg

Discover Our
Mega Glow Smooth Kit (Full Body)

This kit can sugar both legs, arms, pubic area (and more) about 6 times 😊 thats around 6-8 months!

Contains: A 6oz Scrub of Your choice and Our Powerful Turmeric-honey kojic soap 🧼 👏 + Our 18oz Sugaring paste, 2 sets of LARGE REUSABLE strips and 5 applicators.

Remember less hair will grow each time you sugar.

The gentle paste removes the hair by the root along with dead skin cells, the moisturizing scrub helps to prevent dead cells from building up over the 3-6 weeks while loosening and preventing ingrown hairs🤗

Tap the button below to learn more.

Get Our Products Wherever You Are 


Local Bearer

We offer bearer delivery to addresses in areas of Kingston and St. Catherine. You can make payments on delivery or via bank transfer before delivery. 

Time Range: 1-2 days depending on time of order.

Days: Mon-Sat

Price range $700-800


Home/Office Delivery Islandwide

If you're outside of Kingston and St. Catherine but can't find the time to collect packages at Knutsford express or a post office, this may be the best option for you. 

It takes 1-3 days (excluding sundays and holidays)

Price range: $1000-$2000


Zipmail/Knutsford Express Services

Zipmail is offered by the local post office and is only available on business days between 8am and 5pm.

Delivery takes 1-3 business days.

You must collect your package within 5 business days or it will be disposed of by Jamaica Post.  

Price Range $500-$800

Knutsford express takes 24 hours. 

The package must be collected within 5 days or a storage fee will be applied. 

Price begins at $700 

Mandatory Bearer Contribution fee of $100 is required for these methods.

Prices may increase for very heavy packages- e.g wholesale orders of over 50 products

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